AC Brown’s IT World is moving

After several years of hosting my website directly on, I’ve decided to migrate to a self-hosted solution instead. This should allow me to implement some new features that are simply too expensive to provide while hosting through In addition, I hope to reduce the number of ads shown on my pages and provide an over-all better experience for admins that use my site regularly.

I’ve wanted to make this move for quite a while, but have not felt like taking the time required to do so. Due to some recent life changes, I’ve been able to devote much more time to this blog and this move is a major part of that.

This process will likely take a week or two to complete, so if you notice that the site is down suddenly, be aware that I am working as fast as I can to complete this process with a minimum of interruption. Unfortunately, the need to transfer registrars, site hosts, etc. necessitates some unavoidable downtime. I expect the DNS registrar transfer to complete this weekend, so hopefully no one will notice.

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