PowerShell Script: Delete System Logs

For those of you who are still working with a significant on-prem Exchange environment, you are probably in need of a good script to go through the admin logs (IIS Logs, Exchange Functional Logs) to clear things up on occasion. Those logs can take up a lot of space very quickly, so a regular process that does it for you is a big time-saver, and will keep you from running into those horrible midnight inadequate space notices. The script in my Technet Gallery (Link Below) will allow you to run the process on all Exchange servers in the environment with a single task.

You only need to create a single scheduled task to get this going. Put the script on any Exchange server and it will cycle through all servers in your environment. The script pulls the list of servers and runs a quick little script one each one. Before you ask, no, this doesn’t clear transaction logs.

Download the Script!

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