Output US Azure Datacenter IP Ranges

You, like me, might want to export all of (or a subset of) the Azure Datacenter IP ranges in PowerShell. Doing this is a little more complicated than it should be, but after hours of digging, I’ve manage to do it! (whee!) And here are the basic instructions:

1. Create an Azure Pay-as-you-go subscription by going to portal.azure.com and going through the wizard to initialize the tenant. (If not already done)
2. Once the tenant is finalized, Open the Subscriptions service in the Azure Portal. This will bring up the Azure Subscription.
3. Click on Resource Providers in the Blade that appears.
4. Select Microsoft.network and register it.
5. Wait a while for the registration to complete.
6. Download and run my script at my Technet gallery.
7. Profit?

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