My name is Adam Brown. I have been in the IT industry in multiple capacities since 1996. I started out at a small computer shop in North Carolina, where I learned how to fix and build consumer PCs. I continued working with computers until I graduated with a degree in English in 2006. After that I went into the crazy world of IT consulting for businesses. Since then I’ve worked with small businesses, big businesses, and even the US Government in many different capacities. Along the way I decided to start getting IT certifications and have since amassed a collection of over 20 Industry certs (if you count my expired CCNA) including MCSE 2003, MCSA 2003, MCITP:EA, MCITP:DBA 2008, MCITP: Enterprise Messaging 2010, MCSA: Server 2012, and the CISSP (Those are the big ones. I have lots of little ones, too).

I decided to dip my feet into the ocean of tech blogs because I always see blogs that tell you how to do stuff, but neglect to tell you *why* doing something is the right way to do it. With this blog, I’m striving to explain both the how and the why behind things. It’s my hope that others will use my work to better understand the systems they work with so they can, themselves, become better at their jobs.

I’m always looking for new ideas for blog posts, so please don’t hesitate to send me messages with questions or issues that are plaguing your work.

Visit my Profile on Expert’s Exchange if you like, and feel free to leave questions or comments anywhere on my blog.

Additionally, I am available to assist with technical issues as a short term sub-contractor for a reasonable hourly fee or on a contract/retainer basis for a weekly fee. You can reach me at adam@acbrown-it.com for sub-contracting assistance or more information.


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