Step by Step: Enable MFA for All Users in Office 365

A new feature currently in preview for Azure AD is Conditional Access Policies (CAP) using pre-built policies. It is currently available for organizations with Azure AD Free (This is pretty much everyone that has Azure AD Connect enabled). Admins can now make use of four conditional access policies. The four policies are:

  1. Require MFA for admins
  2. End User Protection
  3. Block Legacy Authentication
  4. Require MFA for Service Management

For this article, I’ll go over how to enable policy number 2, which will force all users to register with MFA (within 14 days) and force an MFA check during “Risky situations.”…

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Microsoft 365 Content Search – Can’t Preview or Download Results


Here’s a problem that comes up regularly when running searches in the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance portal (As of this date, these portals are scheduled to be separated with the upcoming changes to the admin portal). When you run a search, you can’t preview or download search results. In the search preview, you get this message: “to preview search results, please ask your compliance admin to grant you preview permission.”

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Step by Step: Export Office 365 OneDrive Data

Office 365’s OneDrive is a wonderful tool for storing, sharing, and securing access to files of all types, but running an export of Office 365 data can be confusing. One of the rules for OneDrive is that, unless shared, data is normally only accessible by the user who owns the OneDrive folder. But when employees leave the company, accessing that data and exporting it to a more accessible location requires a bit of work.…

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Step by Step: Export Office 365 Email to PST

Microsoft has significantly changed the way admins export email in Office 365 are done by eliminating export tools in each application (Exchange, SharePoint, etc). There is now a single solution for exports, including Exchange PSTs, OneDrive, and SharePoint files. This central solution is the Security and Compliance center. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on how to properly export data from Exchange Online now that the Compliance center in Exchange Admin is deprecated.…

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