End the Ads, Support AC Brown’s IT World!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to stop dealing with ads to support my writing efforts. They just slow down the page, annoy my users, and don’t even pay enough to cover the cost of *having* them! To that end, I’ve started a Patreon profile where you can go to show your support of my work and nudge me closer to making more and more content to help you succeed in IT.

The ultimate goal I have for this blog is to create a place for IT pros to learn more about their trade and hopefully improve quality of service for everyone. I’ve learned a lot in my career, and I want to help others learn from my mistakes and countless hours of research by writing articles that help people understand Information Technology in a way that makes sense.

So if my work has saved you time, money, or effort, please head over to https://www.patreon.com/acbrownit and make a pledge. Just a single dollar a month pledged will get your name and a message of your choice (No profanity, pornography, or scams, please) added to my Thank You page! If you think you can use my help in your IT environment, pledge more and I’ll set aside hours each month to be on call for your support at significantly less than I usually charge!

Best of all, if I make enough between now and December, everyone will get another year of ad free learning on AC Brown’s IT World!