Welcome to AC Brown’s IT World

My name is Adam Brown. I’m an IT Guy. I’ve worked most of my life fixing computers and tinkering with technology. I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and learning, and I’ve gotten to the point where I want to share what I’ve learned with others in a way that will hopefully save time digging through useless details.

My goal with this blog is to build a center of knowledge for IT professionals around the world. Over the past few years I’ve built a few good posts that have helped a lot of people out, but I feel like there’s a huge gap in the Internet’s ability to teach people how to work well and effectively in IT.

Most IT Blogs focus on the “how to” part of IT work (The Practice), with very little information about the “why” (the Theory). The problem with this approach is that it results in a lot of people just following instructions without thinking about what they’re doing or why the solution they have is recommended. I’ve had to fix a whole load of problems caused by people who just did stuff because someone told them to, and I’m sure there are loads of IT environments out there suffering from the same issues. In this blog, I’m striving to not only explain *how* to do things, but *why* it should be done that way. Some posts will cover straight theory, some straight how-to. I hope to make all posts useful.

How to do IT

Among a number of answers to technical questions, how-to articles, and editorials, you’ll see a number of articles that are a part of my How to do IT series. These articles are written with normal people in mind and explain IT concepts and how certain things work on the Internet. It’s an ongoing project for me to write as much as I can to help people understand how modern technology works in a way that is understandable, easily approachable, and hopefully entertaining.


Information Security is a major focus of my studies and interests and I enjoy writing articles that help people better understand how to keep information secure. If you’re not sure what the difference is between Information Security and Cybersecurity is, consider that Cybersecurity is a major part of InfoSec, but InfoSec goes further in protecting data. Cybersecurity stops as soon as bits and bytes are no longer involved. Things like physical security, administrative process development, and user training fall under the InfoSec umbrella, but aren’t always a part of Cybersecurity.


Understand that I write primarily as a Microsoft solutions specialist. Regardless of your feelings about Microsoft, they’ve come a long way since the 1990s and are now one of the more respectable and capable software developers and cloud providers available. I’ve focused my career on administering, configuring, deploying, and architecting solutions that revolve around Microsoft’s suite of solutions. In many situations, I will combine my interest in infosec by writing Microsoft-focused security articles.


I welcome questions from people who read my blog. Leave a comment on the post that you have a question about or send a contact request. I especially welcome ideas on new blog posts. If you happen to need more direct assistance on an IT problem, I am also willing to consult with IT specialists by request and am willing to negotiate with service providers to act as a level 3 resource.